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Emergency Storm Response

Almost everyone would agree that trees are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. However, no matter how beautiful trees are, they can be extremely dangerous as well when faced with inclement weather. Fallen limbs, uprooted trees, especially downed power lines as a result of a fallen tree are just some of a homeowner’s challenges after a storm. This situation can be paralyzing for anyone, and we know how much you will require someone to help you handle the damages brought by the storm.

For this reason, Peyton Tree Service Troy makes sure that we are available any time you need us regardless of the weather condition and the time of the day. Our emergency response unit will provide you with a prompt action to take care of the damages done by the storm. Our service is open 24×7 to ensure that you can count on someone to help you in these challenging circumstances. We are happy that most residents in the area of Troy go to us for their emergencies. We are dedicated to providing our valued clients with the most reliable emergency tree damage service in the area. We are typically the first one to get to the site of emergency, making the way clear for other service providers such as fire, police, and medical workers.

These situations can be avoided through early detection. Before a storm hits, have your trees inspected by the professionals. Most often than not, trees that are overhanging your roofs are the ones that cause damages during a storm. Call us, and we will gladly assess your trees as well as the entire area to make sure that your property is safe in the storm.

Tree Damage Services

Some homeowners will try to clear the area on their own trying to save on cost. However, specific tasks need to be left to the hands of the experts to avoid accidents and further damage, mainly if power lines are involved.

Once we receive a call from you, we will utilize the following procedure to attend to your needs:

  • One of our experts will have an onsite visit to inspect the storm or ice damage and provide you with the price quote.
  • If you agreed with the estimate, we will follow-up with a written quote sent via e-mail.
  • Without waiting for too long, our team will go to your property and begin the cleaning up process.
  • We will begin by eliminating all unsafe scenarios so we can smoothly continue with the clearing up procedure.
  • We will remove all tree parts such as limbs, branches, and small twigs and other small tree debris. All debris will be hauled away get rid of using our chippers.

    • We will restore the appearance of your property by making sure everything has been put in place, and everything that needs to be eliminated is taken care of properly.

    We know how tempting it is to call just anyone in this time of emergency, but we hope that you will call only the most reputable and reliable tree company in the area of Troy. We are committed to providing you with a prompt and dependable emergency response to help you restore the appearance of your home.

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