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Stump Grinding and Removal

There are two major methods in how we can remove a stump: grinding and completely digging with the use of a backhoe. Stump grinding entails using a stump grinder to grind the stump to 3 to 6 inches beneath the ground. This method is essential to rid your yard of the stump without having to deal with potential damages that stump removal can usually bring. After grinding the stump, your landscape will go back to its former attractive look. Stump removal needs the use of a medium backhoe to eliminate the stump. Stump removal can cause damage to the surrounding areas because it requires the entire root structure to be disposed of. Total stump removal is ideal for commercial developers where there is a need for foundation laying. The roots of the tree can cause restraints for industrial development that is why it is crucial for the stump to be completely dug out. Stump removal can be more expensive and is typically much more costly compared to grinding. The process also leaves some damages to the site.

For most of our clients, stump grinding is their go-to approach when they want a stump to be eliminated. Whether it is a small or a large stump, we utilize our premier Vermeer stump grinder to handle the stump. We grind the stump until it is 5 to 7 inches below the earth- just enough for it to be out of sight. Once the stump is below the ground, you can already plant new turfs or plantings above it.

How We Grind Stumps

The process for stump grinding is the same regardless of the size, age, and type.

  • Using a shovel and rack, we will remove gravel, small rocks, and other debris that will restrict the process of stump removal.
  • In case the stump is not yet cut as close to the ground as possible, we will reduce its size to a height that is ideal for grinding.
  • At this time, we can already place the stump mill above the stump, approximately 1 to 2 inches.
  • Our stump grinder will move backward and forward until the stump is ground 5 to 7 inches below the ground.
  • Stump grinding is a rather messy job, but we will make sure that once we are done with the process, the site will be free from wood chips and tree debris.

The process of stump grinding usually takes thirty to more than an hour to finish. Peyton’s Tree Service Troy will do this messy job into an efficient and safe procedure. Also, we can offer you multiple stumps discount if you have more than one stump for us to grind, as well as discounts for multiple tree services.

Stump Grinding Cost

    The cost for stump grinding usually ranges from $50 to $500 depending on the size of the stump. The stump grinding pricing greatly depends on factors including the size of the stump because the larger the stump, the longer time it will take us to grind it. Stump size is also a variable as well as the location. If the stump is positioned in an area that is hard to access, it will be challenging for us to grind it. The age of the stump is also a factor because newer stump is more difficult to grind compared to the older ones.

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