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We consider tree removal as one of our highly-demanded services. It is also one service that requires intricate planning and expertise to achieve good results. Tree removal is not a job that needs formal education, but it does require years of experience, skill, and efficiency. There are a lot of tree companies out there that promise these three things, but only a few can prove them. We have been in the business of tree removal for decades now, and we can proudly say that we have removed every kind of tree. No matter how large or small the tree is, our team can take the tree down with proper planning and correct execution. We always begin the process of removal by assessing the tree to be eliminated. It is essential to ensure that the site is secured and no unwanted accidents will take place. Once we have evaluated the site, we will provide you with the verbal quote. We will talk to you about the details of the tree removal process, including the approach we will use, the equipment we’ll need, as well as the other services we provide. After discussing everything, we will provide you with the written quote together with our licensing and insurance information to assure you of our sincere care and conscientiousness in the business. On the scheduled day of the removal, our staff will phone you to remind you that our team will be onsite to perform tree removal. Please give us a two-hour window for our arrival because we are making sure our last client is provided with excellent service.

Tree Removal Troy

The actual process of tree removal begins with our foreman delegating tasks to each team member. Our team usually consists of a ground service crew, chipper, first cutter, and a branch cutter. We will have a systematic approach in eliminating your tree. We start with the crown and work our way down. Regardless of the equipment we use, we will remove the tree one limb at a time. We will lower the limbs and branches to the base where our ground crew will take care of further reducing its size. We cut the branches into 33-foot logs which is an ideal size for chopping it for firewood purposes. We will go on with the process until we are only left with the major trunk. The method of removal ends with us cutting the primary trunk to a height that is best for grinding, or if you prefer that we trim it to a certain height, we will be happy to do so. Throughout the process, our ground crew will ensure that the area around the tree is kept clean and free from tree debris. We will leave your property with the assurance that your tree is removed correctly and the site is clean and free from clutter.

After the tree has been removed, it is natural that you will be left with a stump. You have an option to have it ground or to have it dug completely. If you choose the former, we will further reduce the stump as close to the ground to make it easier for us to grind it. We will be able to finish the task in no time with the use of our dependable Vermeer stump grinder. Rest assured that once we are done no sign of debris or wood chips will be visible in your yard.

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