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Tree Trimming

Although tree removal is one of our top services, we believe that tree trimming deserves an equal demand when it comes to maintaining the health of your trees. Regularly trimmed trees are the best-looking trees, not to mention, the healthiest trees in a landscape. What most homeowners don’t know is that trimming will significantly change the way their trees look. From irregularly-shaped tree to a symmetrical tree, that is just one of the things trimming can do. Trees that are never trimmed look unattractive, and they do not add to the overall appeal of your home. We are not only talking about the aesthetics of your tree but also the dangers that come with not regularly trimming them. Ideally, trees should be trimmed every 4 to 8 years to ensure that their health and shape is maintained. Trimming is essential, especially for the matured trees because of their dead limbs that can fall off your roof if not cut right away. Another point is if you fail to maintain your tree and it becomes in contact with your property, you will most likely lose your insurance claims in case of storm tree damage.

Tree Trimming Troy

Tree trimming is something that needs to be done correctly, or else it will be counterproductive. At Peyton’s Tree Service Troy, we make sure that we adhere to the very high standard set by the Arbor Day Foundation when it comes to trimming trees. From the beginning until the end of the trimming process, we make sure that every move we take is planned and executed correctly. We don’t over trim trees, and we don’t cut too close to the major trunk because we are well aware that this can be detrimental to the health of the tree.

The process for our tree trimming is almost identical to tree removal. One of our representatives will go to the site to assess the tree to be trimmed and plan how we will execute the actual trimming process. We will talk to you about the method we will use in trimming your tree. Once you agreed to the details of the service, we will provide you with the written quote. For the entire process of tree trimming, our ground crew will ensure that the site around the tree being trimmed is kept clean. We will further reduce the size of large branches so you can use them as firewood. The small limbs and twigs will be handled by our chippers and make sure that there will be no visible debris when we leave your yard. We are always proud to tell our clients that when we are done with trimming, your tree will drastically change its appearance from unattractive to appealing.

Tree Trimming Pricing

The pricing for tree trimming varies depending on different factors including the following:

  • Tree Size- the larger the tree is, the more effort is needed to trim it. This means more labor cost and equipment use.

    • Tree Location- if the tree is located in an area which is hard to reach, it will affect the price to ensure safety.
    • Tree Species- certain species of trees are more challenging to trim because of their multiple trunks.

    Give us a call so we can assess your tree and we can provide you with the right pricing for the tree trimming process.

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