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Wood Chipping

In some cases, our clients handle their tree trimming and brushing on their own. However, after the procedure, they find themselves overwhelmed with the number of branches, limbs, and other tree particles that they are left to eliminate. If you have done this before, you would know how hassle and inconvenient it is to clear them away. Although the weekly trash service can handle a small amount of this debris, a large amount of waste can be overwhelming even for the trash service.

For every tree removal project we do, we make sure that we use our chippers to get rid of the tree waste. But if you did not avail of our tree service, but you want to get rid of the wood chips, our wood chipping service is available for you to take advantage of. With our wood chipping service, we will transport the debris from any part of your property to where our chippers are located- typically on the street. We don’t wheel our chippers in your landscape because we are aware that this can cause damage to your plantings.

We can provide you with a complimentary estimate for wood chipping. The cost of our wood chipping service greatly depends on the amount of the tree and brush debris. Other homeowners rent chippers and handle the process on their own, only to be frustrated due to the dust and noise. They usually end up hiring our service to finish what they have started. The advantage of using our wood chipping service is that we can efficiently and affordably remove the wood chips as per your instruction. If you don’t want to remove the wood chips, we also provide a landscape service to gather these wood chips and place them around your landscape to be a natural mulch. It can be beneficial to the trees in your yard. Whether you want to get rid of the wood chips or you want to make them as mulch, Peyton Tree Service will be able to offer you that. Hiring us will save you time as well as ensure that you are safe throughout the process. Let us help you eliminate all of those unwanted wood and brush piles.

Brush Removal Service

If you need your land to be cleared from the scrub brush most efficiently and cost-effectively, call us, and we will help you make this happen. Many times, homeowners deal with brush, chips, and clips from trimming and pruning. Even if you only did a simple trimming, it can still create brush and debris that will be challenging for you to get rid of. The good news is, Peyton Tree Service Troy can provide you brush removal so that you don’t have to deal with them yourself. It will save you time and effort. With an affordable price, you will rid your yard of these unwanted brush, and your property will look good again.

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